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What type of content do you serve visitors to your site?
Canned content is great for business owners who want to serve their clients and customers tastless trash.

Others will definitely have the same pre-written, generic text, so be prepared for Google to penalize you in the searchrankings.

Or This?
Original content is for business owners who take pride in their website. They want to engage visitors with meaningful, relevant content; they want to be a thought leader in their industry.

If you're looking for web copy that communicates your unique brand and builds a connection with your clients and customers, read on.

Let's Make Your Website a Nest of Awesome Content!

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Your business is only as good as its content.
The internet is a competitive neck of the woods. You must have relevant, quality content that helps you stand out and get picked up by search engines.
Why am I here? 
Even more important to consider is this: once browsers get dropped off at your website, they'll leave if they don't have a compelling reason to stay there.
If you build it...will they stay?
Ask yourself a question: do visitors to your website stay more than 15 seconds? If the answer is no, I need to help you fix that situation.
Y'all come back now, ya hear? 
No matter what type of business you have, I can craft quality content that will leave your potential clients and customers with a great, lasting impression of your company, and turn browsers into repeat visitors.
UEO is the new SEO.
User experience optimization (UEO) is just as important to consider as SEO, especially as Google gets better and better at rewarding sites with great content and bumping them higher up the list of search results.
Soar to the front of the flock!
Don't get left behind the rest of the flock. Soar to the front with some great business copy that reflects your expertises, captures your personality, and turns visitors into clients and customers.
Check Out All the  Topics We Can Cover!
Real Estate
Whether you're a mortgage banker, a financial planner, or running a blog on credit cards, I can generate some great content for you around the topic of money, finance, and investing. Check out this article on balance transfers! 
Turn contact lists into prospects with great emails about the real estate scene in your area. Real estate is a business where you have to constantly be generating new leads; informative  and digestible content can help you with that. 
Parenting is one of the hottest blog topics out there right now, so if youre looking for content about babies, toddlers, kids, or teens, I can craft some engaging and informative content for that this article.
​Health + Wellness
Home Improvement
From reviews of hotels and cruises to articles about intriguing local cultures, I've got you covered with great quality, travel-related content. Check out the travel blog I write for this travel-themed art site.
We all need to take care of our health, whatever stage of life we're in. I can craft quality content around exercise,  diet, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. 
From washing your windows, to selecting a built-in fireplace, I can craft excellent home improvement related content that will really provide a constructive boost to your website. 
Business to Business copy needs to be concise and engaging, all while conveying the solutions you offer in a compelling way. I can generate great business copy that will help you surpass your sales goals. 
Running a shopify store and lamenting the fact that no customers are coming through your digital doors? Let's change that up withh a blog of product reviews or price comparisons that really brings some positive attention to your store. 
From a cultural exploration of great masters to a review of the latest science fition novels this year, whatever topic  in leisure your blog covers, I can write about it in a fresh, engaging way.

Remember, if you don't see it here, I can still blog about it!
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Newsletter Bird captures the passion and intent of my thoughts and crafts them into a message that drives new business to my company. 
Newsletter Bird synthesizes my thoughts, distinguishes my company’s value statement from the others in the pack,  and crafts a message that makes my company stand out.  
Newsletter Bird's articles convey my knowledge, and bring clients in to know more. They keep current clients in constant contact, which means they will remember me when they need legal services.
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of International Acclaim
Newsletter Bird was able to embody the spirit and heart of our one-of-a-kind organization.

They were efficient from start to finish.
Newsletter Bird is by far our strongest writer on our team. Their quality, creativity, diligence, and dedication make them an outstanding and valuable asset in reaching our marketing goals.
The bird was actually was the ghost writer behind some of my dopest rhymes.

He was a real street soldier and brought lyrical cred to the rap game.